AKWEDUKT MP Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer and supplier of materials and equipment for water and sewage pipeline systems.

Our main aim is to satisfy the needs of our Clients to the fullest extent and consequently to improve our standing in the national and global market. We intend to achieve this by:

  • delivering high quality products in compliance with the applicable Technical Approvals, Technical Recommendations and technical standards, as well as with any related legal requirements
  • providing a complex and professional service: technical consulting, participation in the design process, provision of offers and delivery
  • offering the assembly of products into units suitable for individual applications
  • delivering high quality products on time
  • ensuring quick response to the needs of our Clients
  • constantly analysing the needs and requirements of our Clients
  • building permanent and fair relations with our Clients and Suppliers
  • establishing contacts with wholesalers, providing information on our products and motivating them to include our products in their offers

Our everyday operation entails the commitment of means for the improvement of the qualifications of our personnel, modernization of our machinery, plant, equipment and software.

As a priority we are committed to maintain and constantly improve our Quality Management System, in order to convince our clients that our company name is synonymous with quality.


                                                                                    Marek Pawlak

                                                                                      06.03.2019 r.