KU-PO flanged surface–hole seals are designed for sealing installation passages through building partitions (single or multi-pipe passages). They are used in non-pressure conditions (up to 2 meters of water column height) and protect against migration of water, mud and gas along the pipeline. They are made of high quality elastomers.

The proper tightness between the seal and the pipe(s) is ensured by tightening the stainless steel band.

The tightness between the flexible flange and the building partition is achieved by gluing the bottom part of the flange to the partition with waterproof construction adhesives and on the upper part of the flange water resistant insulation is made. The main application of KU-PO type flanges is the protection of tightness of pipe passages through partitions with and without insulation. When using KU-PO for passage of pipes through roofs or ceilings, the flexible flange should be placed between the layers of waterproof insulation.


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It is possible to make multi-pipe passages based on the customer's drawing.